Wednesday, December 15, 2010


What do we mean by poverty? Paper, objects, influence, knowledge, thought, ability? What then is poverty? Am I poor because I'm loved, educated and healthy but don't have green paper? Am I richer by materialism? Do I gain something from playing the human game of influence and poverty of thought? What do I loose from this game? My humanity*, my relationships, my essence?

How can I measure poverty? Why do we seek what we do? Maslow gave us a hierarchy of motivaton. Once basic needs are reached self actualization is sought. What then is self actualization? Realizing that your belly won't digest paper, no matter its color? What then is actualization? Realizing that you will actually die? That individually you don't matter? What does self actualization actual mean? The subjunctiveness of the obtuse has my triangulation discomforted. The hypotenuse, your dead, the tangent, you want, the obtuse, you can't keep it so why should you care? It seems apparent that a short perspective is filled with irrelevance. What isn't irrelevant? The kids? The next generation? What will they have if we destroy it? What is important and what isn't? What is poverty and when will it end?

Testosterone and estrogen, perception and reality, wants and desires; when will the poverty of man end? When will the poverty of thought be satisfied? When will the obvious be apparent to us that are blind?

Poverty of Sight!
Philo Lapis

The Allegory of the Cave
Maslows Hierarchy
*Humanity - derivesion of human from man translated to think.

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