Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chaos in the Turbulent Wind

By what means does G-d communicate a plan? By what body, does the ocean change its course; the moon, the sun, by one body? How does change occur by one? No man is able to control the tide. No man is able to control the bodies in the sky. So by what means is one able to influence the direction of the chaos of the wind? Is the wind chaotic to begin with? Is the wind chaotic? The wind moves the path of least resistance. The water moves the path of least resistance. Fire follows the path set out before it. The earth moves by the command of others! Command of the least resistance followed.

Allegory is fixing an abstract upon a constant! Where you see chaos is the direction; study. You cannot see the trees through the forest? Climb to higher ground!!! By what means does chaos move? Is chaos, chaos by incomplete definitions and logic?

By what means is the wind chaotic on a circle? Drive down the highway of life, put your hand out the window and consider. The wind is not chaotic. You simply lack the understanding by which to direct the simplest of the elements.

Philo Lapis
Feeling the winds movement through the darkness!

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