Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Light Pursued

In all travails, there are a miss
When walking a path, to mislead our sense
But clinging tightly, we are mislead
By the present, we are all dead

The future, led from present pass
By common fools, jack and ass
Least common is the deep springs
From which knowledge grows, unyielding things

Cling not, to closely to the past
Nor the present, future pass
Walk always the middle way
Towards the future, present day

knowledge acquired is a funny thing
For with light, confusion bring
And grows from that, which we think we know
That which nature, did never show

So careful in your steps, pursued
That misleading light, you not pursue
Lest you find yourself undone
Loosing sight of the majestic sun

Philo Lapis

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