Friday, March 18, 2011

Suicidal Homily

All systems, there exists a miss
All groups, outlying prevalence
For the rose, there is red and blue
For each number, another equal too

A time of piece, a time of war
A time of love, a time no more
At times the birds preach a song
The children play, smile, grow strong

All within, exists darkness and light
All choose according, to what seems right
As one shoots to miss, another shoots murderous
As one seems strong, the same crumbles ominous

Shadows are cast from, sun not shadow
As last breathes are breathed, from a fellow
The earth increases, in her speed
As the foolish children, lust to feed

And they gather to what, they think makes them strong
All the while weakened, and dragged along
Until heaven realizes, this cannot due
And intervenes, to stop the stupid few

That which resembles a paradise most
Like quick sand, drags along the host
Before awareness, sacrosanct arrives at last
To late awareness, must have already past

So doomed to hell the mass is sent
So cursed by holy sacrament
That the seeing are, to blind to see
While the blind see clearly, all to be

A Bloody Homily

No More!
Philo Lapis

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