Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Garden Keeper

Label the day, label the morrow
Label belief, label the sorrow
A word for this, a word for that
A word changing, the meaning of it

I am not this, I am not that
I reject you, I reject that
I am me, no word simplicity
Chain me not, verbal stupidity

I have faith in God with all my heart
But you divide rationality verily apart
Fourth ring of hell, the sand devours
Grows the beast greedy, of the powers

Drunk with lust, the beast grows strong
Divisions cast shadows, upon the sun
Seeking truth, they are mislead
By the serpents shadow all are dead

So inward strength, I turn to seek
To reclaim a stone purged from weak
My Cherubim garden keeper strong
How I wish to learn to sing along

Tidal force welling up perfused
By mighty keeper Cherubim dues
Give me strength to grow strong
Protect the weak from the wrong

How I wish to fight no more
Weary grown from all the sore
Onward to what, must be done
For righteous purpose continue on

Weary of meaningless life pursue
Pleasure fades from every view
Ready for the next world to be
A life made simpler all I wish to see

Turning Inward; Spiritual Alchemy
Philo Lapis

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