Sunday, April 22, 2012

Evolution of a Poet

Born to reason, we chase the goal
to understand the logic of the whole
we arrive upon the shores of math
in the pursuit of divination from the past

And so engaged, the past, are we
The truth, we are, to blind to see
So time passes as it does
My mind grows numb in the sum

That we do not see
Rapped up in the past are we
So neglects the future day
We only live in present disarray

Doomed to repeat our fathers past
My Patience, it can no longer last
So I refute your simplicity
For I no longer wish to be
Part of your silly ways pursued
I leave you with the path pursued

Let it be said I tried with all I had
But forgiveness you didn't have
You'll continue on your silly ways
I leave you on this shortened way.

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