Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Oldest Spirits

Today's reality, experience death; to experience a dimension of reality not experienced by the everyman is attributed to madness and treated accordingly. For over 2,000 years people have experienced the 95% that physics says is un-experiential. Only in the last 60 years has it been medicated too. Accordingly should you experience such phenomena don't consult your fellow man for they are unable to cope with a reality beyond the electrical impulse at the end of there finger. Should you experience reality beyond the norm don't expect the common man to be able to accept your experience. The common man is weak; mentally, physically, spiritually, electrostatic-ally... weakness pervades them. The common one has nothing to offer to you. Step away from them.

When you find yourself separated, on your own, dependent on yourself. When you meet the grim reaper and have the conversation; when you have been cut through by the sickle sword until you have become the wind. When you are separated from your family, friends and all the humans around you then you walk beside me along the same path. When you've begged to die and still live, when you know longer find pleasure in anything in this world and only long for that world you once found then you know where I am. You know what I've seen and where I long to be. When you can't wait to die to live in the world you grasped then nothing in this little world can hold you back. When you've seen all those patriarchs, death and G-d and returned you will be like me. Death no longer smiles at you; you smile at death and death feels a cold chill.

Long in Coming

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